Back Office

Flexible and easy to calculate according to your needs!

Back Office

Your Advantages

  • You react flexibly to increases in workload
  • You only pay for services actually received
  • You have no ongoing personnel costs
  • You’re free from fixed work hours
  • You can compensate for the short-term absence of employees

Flexible, fast and affordable – our offer is a sensible alternative. You alone decide when, where and how long you need help. Contact us if you’re looking for a replacement during vacation or illness, or if you need short-term support during periods of high workload. We will organize your correspondence, the handling of documentation, and telephone services, all in the manner you would expect from your own employees.

Project Management
Project support in various industries

Workplace Optimization / Documentation Management
Construction and maintenance of your file storage

Office Organization
Construction and reorganization of assistance functions in company leadership

Event Management
The organization of events requires personnel resources for a set amount of time. Make use of our external support when planning a seminar, a conference or a team-building session.  We can support you and your team in everything from event planning to work-intensive organization. We can even attend the event at your request.

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