About Us

Our Experience for Your Advantage.

Since 1994, Seeger Management Service has successfully discovered new approaches to business with its customers from industry and commerce alike. Worldwide.

  • Practical experience and expert knowledge
  • Leadership experience for the fitting solution
  • Expert network
  • We have special know-how in Eastern Europe, North America and China


International Expertise

Since 2001, our Romanian subsidiary Werner Seeger Qualitätsmanagement Romania (WSQR) has been offering know-how in industrial consulting.

  • Well-founded market knowledge in Eastern Europe.
  • Consulting and auditing services.



Out of respect for our customers’ privacy and integrity, we do not publicize their data.

Our customers say they benefit from …

  • International experience in process and quality management
  • Experience with dynamic group and development processes
  • The topics and methods of approach selected, which are adjusted to fit the current business situation
  • A self-reflective working process
  • Practical consulting and accompaniment

Our Team

Werner Seeger

Managing Partner at Seeger Management Service GmbH
Areas of Responsibility: Consulting and Training

Career Experience

  • Self-employed as organizational and personnel developer; consultant, trainer and auditor in quality management; interim manager
  • Owner and Director of Seeger Management Service GmbH, WSQR srl
  • Instructor in Quality and Process Management at the AMD College of Fashion and Design in Munich (http://www.amdnet.de/)


Evi Seeger

Managing Partner at Seeger Management Service GmbH
Area of Responsibility: Back-office Management

Career Experience

Self-employed; construction and reorganization of assistance functions in business leadership, temporary back-office responsibility, project support in various sectors, event and training organization.


International Management Assistant
Academy for Administration and Office Management

Quality Representative and Internal Auditor
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität

Certified Data Protection Representative
Augsburg College/Center for Professional Development

euro language schools

Our Partners

Our partners add a strong additional practical dimension to our work through their day-to-day activities as quality managers, quality directors, certification auditors etc.

This means that we are providing you not only with theoretical knowledge, but can also give you questions targeted towards real problems occurring in your day-to-day working environment, as well as ideas for solutions.

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